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The Starving Sound – review on Veglam.com

Torino’s sleaziest killerz are back with a new 14 song digipack CD. The intro of “Mean Streets” and its STOOGES-esque guitar riff shows us from the start that the band still like their punk rock with a hard rock touch, or their hard rock with a punk rock touch?… If BACKYARD BABIES and MURDERDOLLShad a bastard child, then it would probably have written songs like “Glitter Free Paranoid” or “Little Electric Smile”, and songs like “Corroded Heart”, “Memory District”, or “What I Left Behind” aren’t far from the latest MICHAEL MONROE albums. The band sometimes slow things down to offer us the catchy “Black Coffee Song”, the darker “Local Rubbish Dealer” or the DEAD BOYS influenced “The Ballad Of Sore Perception”, and the glam punk roots of HOLLYWOOD KILLERZ also shows in “Filthy” or “Mind Your Meds.”
Not convinced yet? Then just listen to the D-GENERATED “I Just Wanna Get Some Junk”! Another cool album you should get… What? You still haven’t heard of HOLLYWOOD KILLERZ? Where have you been all this time? 


Dead On Arrival review on Veglam

One of the oldest and coolest sleaze rock band from Italy is finally back with a brand new album. Members have come and gone and years have passed but the band kept its spirit and passion for rock’n’roll alive for the enjoyment of us all!

Opening song “700.000” is a bit of a DEMOLITON 23’s tribute (“The Scum Lives On”) in the verses so you can only know where you put your Converse shoes in right from the start!

“Grey Celebrations” is a modern dark sleaze anthem, ‘Our Memories May Be Right” and “Over and Over” are quite catchy glam punk numbers while “Girls R Dead” and its UNDERTONES-like riff intro is a powerful rockin’ hit! HOLLYWOOD KILLERZ sometimes gets close to the MURDERDOLLS or WEDNESDAY 13 as well (“Luxury depression”, “Somewhere Out Of This Mind”) but they can also slow things down with rock ballads like “How (Could I)” or “More Than It Hurts You”.

The whole mood and atmosphere isn’t too far from what a band like BACKYARD BABIES do so let’s hope that “Dead On Arrival” will open new doors to these Motor City KILLERZ. I mean, I’m sure they’re going to kick those doors down! Go and listen to “Lovecrash” and you’ll know what I mean! /Laurent.


Some old press excerpts

Believe me, these guys know how to kick some asses live as they showed at the Glam Attakk festival this year, a festival they organize in their hometown Torino. It’s 2008 and the KILLERZ are back in black and grey with a cool logo in the MÖTLEY CRÜE (“Dr. Feelgood” era) vein, a fantastic new drummer (Lollo) and an angry anthem of their own “Grey Celebrations”. 5 new songs that underline the glam punk influences of the band ( “Girls R Dead” and its UNDERTONES influenced guitar riff) without betraying their heavy rock/metal roots (like in “Analyse/Paralyse” or “Miss Chemistry” reminding me of horror punk glamsters MURDERDOLLS). Big chances are that BACKYARD BABIES or D-GENERATION fans wont be disappointed with this new demo CD. (Veglam)

Hollywood Killerz don’t just beat Appetite For Destruction riffs into the ground, they infuse ‘em with a post-apocalyptic glampunk fury, resulting in a devastating, full-frontal punk/metal attack that brings to mind similarly snarly glitter-assassins like Queer For Girls, Trashcan Darlings, or Crystal Pistol. (…) Dude, if you like wearing mascara AND turning people’s faces into hamburger, here’s the aggro-glam riot-rockers you’ve been dreaming of. Righteous. (Sleazegrinder)

This Torino-based five-some inject their punky glam-metal with a little Scandi style for good measure, and you know me, I don’t see anything wrong with that. It just makes these raunchy Italians more suitable for survival in this very hard underground world. (Rock Report)

Hollywood Killerz combine a variety of sounds that are refreshingly dissimilar and non-repetitive. With guitar solos strewn throughout and a healthy dollop of bass beat evident in every track, this band are sure to get you out of your seat, energetic with punk passion. (…) If you love the old school punk vibe with a splash of glitter for good measure then Hollywood Killerz will be right up your street. (Glitzine)

Sulle scene dal 1996, gli Hollywood Killerz potenzialmente, sono a parere di chi scrive una delle realtà più interessanti del panorama nostrano in ambito di r’n’r. La band piemontese, abbandonate le influenze glam metal anni ’80 dell’ep “Back To Devastation Boulevard”, si è gettata nel calderone della New r’n’r (de)generation, mescolando r’n’r, glam, melodie easy e retaggi punk. (DK666)

Impossibile non scuotere il culo all’ascolto di questo lavoro, che mette in mostra l’evidente evoluzione sonora che in questi anni ha permesso agli Hollywood Killerz di crearsi una certa fama fra i rocker della penisola e che non può non ottenere anche il nostro totale consenso. L’attaccamento di un gruppo alla musica con cui è cresciuto e a tutti i cliché del caso è cosa buona e giusta, ma quando il processo di maturazione conduce il suddetto ad esplorare nuovi territori e lo fa con risultati simili a quelli ottenuti dai ‘Killerz’, non si può fare altro che prenderne atto e godere appieno del risultato. (HMP)

Gli Hollywood Killerz hanno mangiato tutta la sporcizia che si respira giù nei sobborghi di Torino, città che partorisce figli del disagio a bizzeffe e che ora come ora vanta forse la scena più pericolosa e rumorosa d’Italia. (…) hanno tutte le carte in regola per entrare nelle vene poco alla volta, fare male e lasciare che la festa abbia inizio a spron battuto. (…) “Lovecrash” è la scarica di adrenalina pura, l’anthem che impone il “sing or die” di turno e “Somewhere Out Of This Mind” sfodera il colpo di grazia(…). (The Rock Explosion)

Nascono nel 1996, ma con solo un Ep all’attivo, ecco che ritornano i torinesi Hollywood Killerz con una nuova formazione e nuove sonorità. Scordatevi quindi il glam metal di “Back to Devastation Boulevard” perchè ora si lanciano verso un glam punk ruvido e incazzato che per contraddizione con il loro nome è più vicino a quello newyorkese dei D-Generation piuttosto che alla vecchia ondata hair metal losangelina. (Slam!)

Currently on heavy rotation on my cd player, this is a tasty appetizer of a bunch of punks in make-up hailing from the Italian Motorcity. Formerly 80’s glam/hair metal believers, Hollywood Killerz are now showing an updated sound that mixes Hollywood glam with Scandi rock and believe me, the result is a rock’n’roll bomb ready to explode in your face! (…) Final cut ‘Love crash’ reeks of sex, cheap lipstick and alchohol and it’s destined to become Hollywood Killerz’ anthem! Can’t wait for their soon-to-be-released full lenght cd. (Leather Boyz)