Riot City

released 21 July 2023
Digital release

  1. Riot City
  2. Hang Tough

All songs written and published by Hollywood Killerz

The Starving Sound

released 16 December 2017

  1. Mean Streets
  2. Glitter Free Paranoid
  3. Corroded Heart
  4. What I Left Behind
  5. Black Coffee Song [video]
  6. Local Rubbish Dealer
  7. Filthy
  8. Memory District
  9. It’s The Place We Live
  10. Little Electric Smile
  11. Mind Your Meds
  12. I Just Wanna Get Some Junk
  13. Declining Personality
  14. The Ballad of Sore Perception

All songs written and published by Hollywood Killerz except for “Filthy” by Nick Curran & The Lowlifes.

Backing vocals by Tony RNR, Dolzan and Riccardo Damiano
Sax on “Filthy” by Paolo Angelo Parpaglione
Piano on “Filthy” by Andrea Scavini

Still Intoxicated

Still Intoxicated

released 20 April 2013

  1. Still Intoxicated [video]
  2. Tied To Please Me
  3. A Moment Of Madness
  4. Trash Me [video]
  5. Teenage Meltdown
  6. Distorted Emotions
  7. By My Side
  8. Your Skin Belongs To Me
  9. Suburban Babe
  10. Dead N’ Alive
  11. I.O.U.D
  • Trash Me (Alt. Version) – CD only bonus track
  • Rocks Off – LP only bonus track

Guest vocals on “Tied To Please Me” and “Suburban Babe” by Il Metius (Thee STP).
Sax on “Trash Me (alt version)” by Il Metius.
Backing vocals on “Rocks Off” by Dum Flowers

Trash Me

Trash Me 7″

released 20 April 2013
HKRecords/Area Pirata

  1. Trash Me
  2. I Like The Way You Knock Me Down

7″ vinyl version of “Trash Me”, first single taken from “Still Intoxicated”. Contains previously unreleased track “I Like The Way You Knock Me Down”, featuring Kevin Preston of Prima Donna on guest vocals.


Dead On Arrival

released 10 December 2010
logic(il)logic – LOG004

  1. 700.000 [video]
  2. Grey Celebrations [video]
  3. Luxury Depression
  4. Girls R Dead
  5. How (Could I)
  6. Goin’ Down
  7. Somewhere Out Of This Mind
  8. All Tomorrow’s Parties
  9. Over and Over
  10. Through The Sand
  11. Our Memories May Be Right [video]
  12. Lovecrash
  13. More Than It Hurts You


700.000 single

released 01 December 2010

  1. 700.000
  2. Luxury Depression
  3. Liquor Store (demo)

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